free online video survey tool

required tools: 1 windscreen mount car video recorder
                       1 garmin gpsmap
                       1 motorcar
                       1 bored surveyor

steps: 1. drive around the neighbourhood and record video and tracklog
          2.  upload video to youtube and gps track is uploaded in gps4sport
          3.  gps4sport will sync both the video and gps track and neatly present in google map.
          4. send link to impress your beer buddies

 result can be viewed at below link:



free tool to convert your gpx tracks to shp

download from http://sourceforge.jp/projects/gpx2shp/releases/


map for nothing

"ma look!! google map on my blog"


garmin xt on nokia e72

managed to install garmin xt on my nokia e72 by referring to this site:
screen is a bit small but it certainly beats carrying a pnd around.